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I’m Mary, an advanced doula certified through the Midwives College of Utah. The mothers I’ve attended in Utah & Ghana amaze me. I rejoice in lifting families through hands-on prenatal education, continuous emotional & physical labor support, and postpartum reinforcement.

Your birth experience matters. It shapes you and your story. I believe in your strength as a woman and your influence as a mother to change the world.



Childbirth Classes

Birth Doula

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Customized, interactive learning for you & your husband.

Physical & emotional birth support for all types of labors and birth locations.



A Necessary Presence

"To say that Mary was a necessary presence during my daughter's birth would be an understatement. Her level of professionalism was admirable, in addition to her ability to make me feel as if a sister was right beside me, encouraging me & holding my hand through every step of my labor and delivery. My labor was not easy or short, but Mary never once ceased to be near, offering a coping skill, a back rub, or a pep talk. I truly cannot say enough good about Mary’s skills as a doula, but also as a compassionate, charismatic, and truly loving person. Please consider the benefit of her helping hand during your birth— I assure you that you will not regret it."  - Kelsey



"Mary came to my first birth, at a birthing center. She was kind, positive, patient, and never complained about my squeezing her hands too hard. She showed me how valuable a doula is for birth. When I got pregnant again, I knew we would hire a doula, no questions asked. My husband was completely on board because he saw how helpful having Mary at our first birth was for me. We just had our second baby, and it was such a positive experience! Mary, thank you for showing us how valuable having a doula can be and for being so caring at the birth of our first baby. Our second birth experience was amazing and it all started a couple of years ago with you."  - Kristen


One of the Best Decisions

"She helped both me & Steve feel empowered. She helped us make informed decisions and was not too overbearing. She helped me have confidence in my ability to give birth... The meetings we had before really helped me & Steve feel more prepared for the real deal, and the coping skills she taught us helped not only during birth but in the weeks leading up to it...Overall, choosing her to be our doula was one of the best decisions we made for our birth experience."   - Rachel

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